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Best Hookup Sites

Best Hookup SitesThere are hundreds of adult dating sites out there on the web. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one’s worth it? Or which site will actually lead to a hook up? Or which ones are a complete waste of time? 

In my adult dating site reviews, I look at some of the best hookup sites out there. I rate each one based on credibility (i.e. if it leads to a hook up), cost, and features to help you find the right one to meet your needs.

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So before I go into my rating system, let me answer this basic question first.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Dating Sites and Hook Up Dating Sites?

When I say regular dating sites, I’m referring to Chemistry.com, Match.com and the Eharmony.com sites of the world. Those sites are for people that are interested in dating and finding a relationship. Adult dating sites (aka casual encounters sites) are different. They’re for people that aren’t looking for a commitment, they’re looking to just hookup.

What’s the Advantage of Adult Online Dating?

You already know it’s for people that have the same interests. You’re both there for the same reason. Just to have a little bit of fun — have a casual encounter without any judgment. No long introductions. No boring walks on the beach. No mixed signals. You can just cut to the chase. Get your hook up on and move on.

How Do you Rate the Sites?

I rate and review the hook up sites on a few different categories. First I look at the credibility. By that I mean, will you be able to meet someone from using this site? That’s the most important question at the end of the day. Does the site work? Is it credible? Will I hookup with someone? And I talk about what the users look like. Are they attractive? Are they worth your time? Are there any fake profiles?

Next I focus on features. What does this online hookup site have to offer? Is it easy to search for other members? Do you get to look at full-sized photos, have video chats, instant message, etc.

Then I look at the cost. Most of these sites offer some form of a free membership, so I like to cover what you’ll get as a freebie status. For most men, you’ll always want to pay for a subscription. Because that’s where you’ll have the ability to send people messages. So I cover what you’ll get for the cost (whether you’re paying by credits, on a monthly basis, 3 month basis, etc.).

After that, I break down my overall review of the hookup website. I rate it out of five stars to help you determine if it’s legit or just a scam. So whether you’re looking to hook up or are just curious about these kinds of sites in general, hopefully my reviews will help you out.