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Adult Friend Finder Review

Adult Friend Finder, known as AFF, is one of the largest adult dating sites in the world. It’s also one of the oldest dating sites out there. Which has to make you wonder, is this still a good hook up site? Is it outdated? Or is Adult Friend Finder a scam? Here’s my review of AFF:

Credibility (aka Chance of a Hook Up)
At the end of the day, all you really want to know is does AdultFriendFinder.com work? Can you meet someone on the site and get your needs met? The answer is a big fat yes. With over 34 million registered users, you can definitely find someone on this site. An attractive someone. Because there’s a lot of them here. And it’ll most definitely lead to a hook up. But you’ll probably need to follow these tips to do so:

Skip out on messaging the hotties. I’m not saying only go after the 2s and 3s of the world. But if you are looking for women — the hot ones, the 10s of the world — they’re already getting a ton of emails. So there’s a good chance they won’t even write you back. But the 7s on AdultFriendFinder.com aren’t getting hit up as much. So you’ll have a much easier time hooking up with them than the 9s and 10s.

So what does the site offer? A lot. You get pictures, video, and voice sharing. Depending on your membership level, you get access to some of the camera sessions. There are also chat rooms, instant messaging, the ability to see who viewed your profile, blog access, and more.

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So how much does Adult Friend Finder cost? Believe it or not, they actually have free membership. With that you can upload your profile, IM, use chat rooms, join groups, like photos/videos, and reply to messages.

Then there’s the AFF gold membership, which you usually pay for by the month. You can do one month for $29.99, 3 months for about $60, so on and so forth. So why should you pay for AdultFriendFinder? Because you get the things you actually need. Like being able to initiate messages, use advanced search features to find matches, watch full length videos, have complete access to other members profiles, and everything else the standard level gets.

What else? The sign up process is fairly easy. As for the site itself, it’s a little cluttered. But you can still find things on AFF. Although some of the flashy ads may become a little annoying.

That’s my Adult Friend Finder Review. Ultimately, I do think it’s a great hook up dating site. So if you’re wondering if it’s worth your money, I’d say yes. Hot girls can easily take advantage of the free membership. But guys should definitely opt to pay for it, since you’re going to be the one starting the conversation.