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Fling.com Review

To be honest, I’d never heard of Fling.com until a friend told me about it. As he describes it, it’s kind of like a dirtier version of Match.com. So basically just a hook up site. That was something I could definitely get behind. But did it offer results? Here are my thoughts and my review of Fling.com:

Credibility (aka Chance of a Hook Up)
So whether you heard of the site or not, all you really want to know is if Fling.com works? Yes, it definitely does. But that statement comes with a caveat. This site works extremely well for women. Let’s be honest, most adult dating sites work better for women, but this one, specifically. From the girls I talked to that tried this site, they all were able to find someone within the first week. For guys who tried this site, it’s a little bit tougher.

Granted, you can find a hook up on this site. But there’s A LOT of competition you’ll have to deal with first. So the key to getting Fling.com to work for you is having a great profile. You need to have a good photo, because there are literally thousands of people you’re competing with.

The nice part about the site is if you message someone, you usually hear back — even if it is just a rejection reply. I actually like that, because then you don’t have to waste your time following up. So response wise, you’ll always have that in your favor. As for the women on the site, I’d say they’re pretty high caliber. Like 7s, 8s, and 9s. You’ll definitely be able to land one of them, but it’ll just take a little time.

What are some the features of Fling.com? You get the typical search options, photos, instant messaging, video chatting. It also has a “blackbook” feature, which is kind of like a friends list. You can use this in case you want a discreet profile, which means that only people in your black book can see your information. So that’s a nice feature. And your home page has live feeds from different users too.

So there is a free membership with this site. What’s nice is that with it, you can actually contact up to 5 members a day. You don’t get that kind of free membership privileges with most other sites.

You also get the other typical stuff, like looking at profiles, being able to respond to messages, etc.

When you pay, you get access to even more. There’s the silver membership for $25 per month or a 3-month membership for $50. There’s also a 3-day trial that’s a lot cheaper too. With that you get to join chat rooms, do video chatting, have access to black book features, etc. With the Gold membership, you can have your profile listed at the top of the page. That’s definitely a bonus when you’re competing with a lot of other members. So that’s $35 for one month and $60 for 3 months.

The bottom line of my Fling.com review is that the site does work. Although it works better for women than men. If you’re a guy, you can definitely meet someone on the site, but prepare to roll up your sleeves and put some effort into it.

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