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SocialFlirt.com Review

I’d heard of this site before, but I had never heard good things. Mainly that socialflirt.com was a scam. But I always believe it’s better to try things for yourself and form your own opinion before passing judgment. So here’s my review of the site.

Credibility (aka Chance of a Hook Up)
Let’s get down to the important stuff, the nitty gritty. Does socialflirt.com work? Will you meet someone? The answer is probably not. Sorry, but I didn’t think Social Flirt was that great. It felt like I was using a regular dating site. When you first sign up, you have to take this survey where you check off what you’re looking for from the site. At that point, SocialFlirt’s matching engine sends you a match list (generally you get it about once a week) to help with your search.

Granted, that matching engine isn’t really a bad idea. It does give you a list of people in your area who you may connect with. But still, even when you send out messages to them, it’s very rare that you get a response back. Let alone hook up with anyone. I’m not saying it’s impossible, SocialFlirt just didn’t work for me or anyone else that I’ve talked to.

There aren’t as many features with this hookup site compared to others. You get to upload videos and photos, send and receive messages, chat, send flirts, see who’s been looking at your profile. You also get to create hotlists, choose whether you want your profile to be visible, see members that are online at the same time, etc.

Of course, with SocialFlirt.com, much like other adult dating sites, you get a standard free membership. So you’re allowed to do searches but based on simple criteria. Once you become a paying member you get all the other features.

That costs about $27 per month or $54 for 3 months (and you’ll get an extra month free with that). That’s actually a little cheaper than other sites, which is a plus. What’s nice about this site is that there’s also a 3-month guarantee. So if you don’t hook up, then you do get your money back (as long as you meet certain criteria).

I will say this much, this site is super easy to use. So there’s no issue there. But as for the final SocialFlirt.com review, I think you could probably do better. It’s tough to meet someone on this site, and that’s pretty much the main point of using an adult dating site.